To use Cloud Governance Center, you must activate the service first. Then, you can use this service for free.

Background information

You must use a corporate account or a RAM user with management permissions to enable and log on to Cloud Governance Center. A personal account cannot be used to enable and log on to Cloud Governance Center. Prepare one of the following accounts:
  • Corporate account

    For information about how to verify a corporate account, see Add billing information.

  • RAM user (recommended)

    Attach the AdministratorAccess policy to a RAM user within your corporate account to grant this RAM user management permissions. This ensures that the RAM user has sufficient permissions to perform required operations. For more information about how to attach a policy to a RAM user, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Governance Center console.
  2. On the Cloud Governance Center page, click Activate Now.
  3. On the page that appears, activate the service.
    1. Select a region.
      Note The selected region is used only to deploy the landing zone, which involves storing information such as the deployment template and deployment records. The resources that you want to manage in Cloud Governance Center, such as the resource directory, identities and permissions, and cloud resources, are not limited to this region.
    2. Read and agree to the Cloud Governance Center Terms of Service by selecting the check box.
    3. Click Activate Now.