Cloud Governance Center is an IT governance platform that allows an enterprise to manage the IT resources owned by all its accounts in a centralized manner. This platform provides wizards and automated processes to help enterprises deploy landing zones, build multi-account environments that are compliant with security and regulatory requirements, and continuously manage the multi-account environments.


  • Resource structure construction
  • Establishment of commercial settlement relationships
  • Centralized identity and permission management for enterprises
  • Resource cost optimization
  • Service catalog
  • Compliance auditing


  • Quick deployment of landing zones

    Cloud Governance Center provides wizards to help an enterprise build a standard multi-account environment based on its business requirements. The wizards are designed based on the best practices for landing zones. The wizard design helps enterprises understand the role and specifications of landing zones step by step. The wizard design also helps enterprises acquire necessary knowledge of Cloud Governance Center for subsequent use of the service.

  • Visualization of the IT governance status of enterprises

    Cloud Governance Center aggregates all IT governance data of enterprises in the multi-account environments built based on landing zones for centralized management. An enterprise can obtain all the information about its IT governance, such as the account structure, costs, permission settings, and compliance status, without the need to log on with all its accounts.

  • Continuous governance and optimization

    Cloud Governance Center monitors the IT governance of an enterprise and automatically generates alerts about governance risks with optimization suggestions. This helps the enterprise continuously optimize its governance environment and enhance governance capabilities.