Alibaba Cloud ECS Snapshot 2.0 has many advantages compared with the snapshot feature of traditional storage products, as described in the following table.

Comparison item ECS Snapshot 2.0 Snapshot feature of traditional storage products
Capacity limit Unlimited capacity, meeting data protection needs for extra-large businesses. Capacity limited by initial storage device capacity, merely meeting data protection needs for a few core services.
Scalability One-click auto scaling, allowing you to scale up and down according to their business scale, in mere seconds. Poor scalability, restrained by factors such as production and storage performance, available capacity, and vendor support capabilities. Scaling typically takes 1 ~ 2 weeks.
Cost Billed based on the actual amount of data changed in your business and snapshot size. Large, inefficient upfront investment involving software licenses, reserved space, and upgrade and maintenance expenses.
Usability 24x7 online post-sales support. Complex operations, greatly restrained by vendor support capabilities.