Built on original basic snapshot features, ECS Snapshot 2.0 data backup service provides a higher snapshot quota and more flexible automatic task policies, further reducing its impact on business I/O. The features of ECS Snapshot 2.0 are described in the following table.

Disks in this topic refer to Elastic Block Storage. For more information, see Elastic block storage.
Feature Original snapshot specifications Snapshot 2.0 specifications User benefit Example
Snapshot quota (Number of disks)*6+6 64 snapshots for each disk Longer protection circle Smaller protection granularity
  • Snapshot backup of a data disk for non-core businesses occurs at 00:00 every day. This backup data is retained for over 2 months.
  • Snapshot backup of a data disk for core businesses occurs every 4 hours. This backup data is retained for over 10 days.
Automatic task policy Hardcoded, triggered once daily, and unmodifiable Customizable weekly snapshot day, time of day, and snapshot retention period Query-able disk quantity and related details associated with an automatic snapshot policy More flexible protection policy
  • A user can take snapshots on the hour and for several times in a day.
  • A user can choose any day as the recurring day for taking weekly snapshots.
  • A user can specify the snapshot retention period or choose to retain it permanently. When the maximum number of automatic snapshots has been reached, the oldest automatic snapshot will be deleted.
Implementation principle COW (Copy-on-write) ROW (Redirect-on-write) Mitigated performance impact of the snapshot task on business I/O write The implementation principle is not made visible to users, allowing snapshots to be taken at any time of day without affecting user experience.