ApsaraDB for Redis hybrid-storage instances are discontinued. We recommend that you use performance-enhanced instances that provide more features and better user experience.

Discontinued date

May 28, 2021


Purchased Impact
Yes, you have purchased Hybrid-storage instances. You can continue to use existing hybrid-storage instances.
No, but you plan to purchase hybrid-storage instances. You cannot select ApsaraDB for Redis hybrid-storage instances when you create ApsaraDB for Redis instances.
Note We recommend that you purchase Performance-enhanced instances. Performance-enhanced instances use the multi-threading model and provide about three times the performance of ApsaraDB for Redis Community Edition instances of the same specifications. Performance-enhanced instances also provide multiple enhanced data structure modules such as TairString (including CAS and CAD commands), TairHash, TairGIS, TairBloom, and TairDoc. These modules help you improve the efficiency of business development. You no longer need to be concerned about storage structures and timeliness.

Technical support

If you have any questions, submit a ticket for technical support.