This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the Database Backup (DBS) sandbox feature.

Billing and free trial

  • Q: How am I charged when I use the sandbox feature?
    A: DBS charges you fees for the sandbox feature based on the following billable items:
    • Sandbox storage: After you enable the sandbox feature, DBS automatically synchronizes the data to be restored to sandbox storage and generates multiple snapshots for the backup data. The snapshots are stored in sandbox storage and can be directly used to create sandbox instances. DBS charges you sandbox storage fees based on the volume of data stored in sandbox storage. For more information, see Sandbox storage fees.
    • Sandbox instances: After you create a sandbox instance for emergency disaster recovery, DBS charges you sandbox instance fees based on the specifications and usage duration of the sandbox instance. If no sandbox instance is created for emergency disaster recovery, you are not charged sandbox instance fees. For more information, see Sandbox instance fees.
  • Q: Does DBS offer a free trial for sandbox instances?

    A: Each Alibaba Cloud account receives a one-month capacity-type sandbox storage plan that contains 100 GB storage space for free. You can receive the free sandbox storage plan when you enable the sandbox feature.

Configurations of sandbox instances

  • Q: Does the restoration speed vary with the specifications of sandbox instances?

    A: The restoration speed does not vary with the specifications of sandbox instances. However, the higher the specifications of the sandbox instance you create, the better the performance of the sandbox instance.

Use of sandbox instances

  • Q: How do I connect to sandbox instances?
    A: You can connect to sandbox instances by using virtual private cloud (VPC) endpoints. Each sandbox instance has a VPC endpoint, as shown in the following figure. View sandbox instancesFor more information, see Use DMS to access sandbox instances or Use ECS to access sandbox instances.
  • Q: Why am I unable to log on to a DBS sandbox instance by using a combination of username and password that is created after the instance is created?

    A: A database account created after the sandbox instance is created is not included in the backup data. Therefore, you cannot use such a database account to log on to the sandbox instance. The username, password, and all other configurations of a sandbox instance are backed up from the source database when the sandbox instance is created. You must log on to a sandbox instance by using the username and password that are created before the sandbox instance is created.

  • Q: How do I use sandbox instances to restore data?

    A: You can use Data Transmission Service (DTS) to migrate the data stored in sandbox instances to the destination ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instances. For more information, see Migrate data from a sandbox instance to an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance.