The following tables list the API operations available for use in Database Autonomy Service (DAS).

Event notifications

API Description
GetAutonomousNotifyEventDetail Queries the details of a specified notification event.
GetAutonomousNotifyEvents Queries the list of the notification events.

Cache analysis

API Description
CreateCacheAnalysisJob Creates a cache analysis task.
DescribeCacheAnalysisJob Queries the details of a cache analysis task.
DescribeCacheAnalysisJobs Queries the list of cache analysis tasks.

Diagnostic reports

API Description
CreateDiagnosticReport Creates a diagnostic report.
DescribeDiagnosticReportList Queries the list of diagnostic reports.

SQL throttling

API Description
EnableSqlConcurrencyControl Controls the number of database access requests and concurrent SQL queries.
DisableSqlConcurrencyControl Disables a specified throttling rule.
DisableAllSqlConcurrencyControl Disables all throttling rules that are in effect.
GetRunningSqlConcurrencyControlRules Queries the throttling rules that are in effect.
GetSqlConcurrencyControlRulesHistory Queries the throttling rules that were or are in effect.

Intelligent stress testing

API Description
DescribeCloudBenchTasks Queries the list of stress testing tasks.
DescribeCloudbenchTask Queries the details of a stress testing task.
DescribeCloudbenchTaskConfig Queries the configuration of a stress testing task.
RunCloudBenchTask Runs a stress testing task.
CreateCloudBenchTasks Creates a stress testing task.
DeleteCloudBenchTask Deletes a stress testing task.
StopCloudBenchTask Stops a stress testing task.

Inspection and scoring

API Description
GetInstanceInspections Queries the inspection and scoring results of your instance.