Queries the details of workspaces.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes DescribeOfficeSites

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeOfficeSites.

RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The ID of the region.

OfficeSiteType String No SIMPLE

The account type of the workspace. Valid values:

  • SIMPLE: convenience account
  • AD_CONNECTOR: enterprise Active Directory (AD) account
OfficeSiteId.N RepeatList No cn-hangzhou+dir-363353****

The ID of workspace N. You can specify one or more workspace IDs.

MaxResults Integer No 10

The number of entries to return on each page.

Maximum value: 100.

Default value: 10.

NextToken String No caeba0bbb2be03f84eb48b699f0a4883

The token used to start the next query.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
NextToken String caeba0bbb2be03f84eb48b699f0a4883

The token used to start the next query. If this parameter is empty, all results are returned.

OfficeSites Array of OfficeSite

Details about the workspaces.

ADConnectors Array of ADConnector

Details about AD connectors.

ADConnectorAddress String 172.24.*.*

The IP address of the AD connector.

ConnectorStatus String RUNNING

The status of the AD connector. Valid values:

  • CREATING: The AD connector is being created.
  • CONNECTING: The AD connector is being connected. You must configure domain trust for your AD system.
  • RUNNING: The AD connector is running.
  • EXPIRED: The AD connector has expired due to overdue payments.
  • CONNECT_ERROR: An connection error has occurred.
NetworkInterfaceId String eni-bp1i4wx78lgosrj6****

The ID of the network interface controller (NIC) attached to the AD Connector.

VSwitchId String vsw-bp19ocz3erfx15uon****

The ID of the vSwitch corresponding to the network of the AD Connector.

Bandwidth Integer 10

The maximum public bandwidth value. Valid values: 0 to 200.

If the value of this parameter is 0, Internet access is disabled.

CenId String cen-3gwy16dojz1m65****

The ID of the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance.

CidrBlock String

The IPv4 CIDR block in the secure office network corresponding to the workspace.

CreationTime String 2021-05-06T05:58Z

The time when the workspace was created.

CustomSecurityGroupId String sg-bp1ce64o4g9mdf5u****

The ID of the security group.

DesktopAccessType String INTERNET

The method used to connect to cloud desktops. Valid values:

  • Internet: allows clients to connect to cloud desktops only over the Internet.
  • VPC: allows only clients in virtual private clouds (VPCs) to connect to cloud desktops.
  • Any: allows both connections over the Internet and VPCs. You can select a connection method when you use a client to connect to a cloud desktop.
DesktopVpcEndpoint String http://ep-bp1s2vmbj55r5rzc****.epsrv-bp1pcfhpwvlpny01****.cn-hangzhou.privatelink.aliyuncs.com

The endpoint used to connect to cloud desktops over a VPC.

DnsAddress List ["172.24.*.*"]

The DNS address of enterprise AD system.

DnsUserName String testDnsUserName

The DNS username.

DomainName String example.com

The domain name of the enterprise AD system.

DomainPassword String testPassword

The password of the domain administrator.

DomainUserName String Administrator

The username of the domain administrator.

EnableAdminAccess Boolean true

Indicates whether to the permissions of the local administrator are granted to the desktop users.

EnableInternetAccess Boolean false

Indicates whether Internet access is enabled.

FileSystemIds List ["05b534****"]

The IDs of Apsara File Storage NAS file systems.

Logs Array of Log

Details about registration logs.

Level String INFO

The level of the log entry. Valid values:

  • INFO
  • WARN
Message String code:success | message:Create Connector complete

The message of the log entry.


The step corresponding to the log entry.

TimeStamp String 2021-05-12T09:42Z

The time when a log entry is obtained.

MfaEnabled Boolean false

Indicates whether multi-factor authentication is enabled.

Name String test

The name of the workspace. The name is unique within the same region.

NetworkPackageId String np-amtp8e8q1o9e4****

The ID of the Internet access package.

OfficeSiteId String cn-hangzhou+dir-363353****

The ID of the workspace.

OfficeSiteType String AD_CONNECTOR

The account type of the workspace. Valid values:

  • SIMPLE: convenient account
  • AD_CONNECTOR: enterprise AD account
SsoEnabled Boolean false

Indicates whether single sign-on (SSO) is enabled.

Status String REGISTERED

The status of the workspace. Valid values:

SubDnsAddress List ["172.24.*.*"]

The DNS address of enterprise AD subdomain.

SubDomainName String testSubDnsUserName

The username of enterprise AD subdomain.

TrustPassword String 82Tg****

The AD trust password.

VSwitchIds List vsw-bp19ocz3erfx15uon****

The IDs of vSwitches.

VpcId String vpc-uf6tz5k67puge5jn8****

The ID of the secure office network.

RequestId String F369A091-002F-49C8-AD55-02A776297C7B

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success response

XML format

            <DomainName>example.com	</DomainName>
            <DnsUserName>testDnsUserName	</DnsUserName>
                  <Message>code:success | message:Create Connector complete</Message>
            <DnsAddress> ["172.24.*.*"]</DnsAddress>
            <SubDnsAddress> ["172.24.*.*"]</SubDnsAddress>

JSON format

	"RequestId": "F369A091-002F-49C8-AD55-02A776297C7B",
	"NextToken": "caeba0bbb2be03f84eb48b699f0a4883",
	"OfficeSites": [{
		"Status": "REGISTERED",
		"DomainName": "example.com\t",
		"NetworkPackageId": "np-amtp8e8q1o9e4****",
		"EnableAdminAccess": "true",
		"OfficeSiteType": "AD_CONNECTOR",
		"CidrBlock": "",
		"SsoEnabled": "false",
		"CustomSecurityGroupId": "sg-bp1ce64o4g9mdf5u****",
		"MfaEnabled": "false",
		"SubDomainName": "testSubDnsUserName",
		"Name": "test",
		"DomainPassword": "testPassword",
		"TrustPassword": "82Tg****",
		"OfficeSiteId": "cn-hangzhou+os-c5cy7q578s8jc****",
		"DesktopVpcEndpoint": "http://ep-bp1s2vmbj55r5rzc****.epsrv-bp1pcfhpwvlpny01****.cn-hangzhou.privatelink.aliyuncs.com",
		"VpcId": "vpc-uf6tz5k67puge5jn8****",
		"Bandwidth": "10",
		"CenId": "cen-3gwy16dojz1m65****",
		"CreationTime": "2021-05-06T05:58Z",
		"DesktopAccessType": "INTERNET",
		"DomainUserName": "Administrator",
		"EnableInternetAccess": "false",
		"DnsUserName": "testDnsUserName\t",
		"ADConnectors": [{
			"ConnectorStatus": "RUNNING",
			"VSwitchId": "vsw-bp19ocz3erfx15uon****",
			"ADConnectorAddress": "172.24.*.*",
			"NetworkInterfaceId": "eni-bp1i4wx78lgosrj6****"
		"Logs": [{
			"Message": "code:success | message:Create Connector complete",
			"Level": "INFO",
			"TimeStamp": "2021-05-12T09:42Z"
		"DnsAddress": " [\"172.24.*.*\"]",
		"SubDnsAddress": " [\"172.24.*.*\"]",
		"VSwitchIds": "vsw-bp19ocz3erfx15uon****",
		"FileSystemIds": "[\"05b534****\"]"

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.