This topic describes the fields of push receipt events in Alibaba Cloud Mobile Push.

Log field Description
__topic__ The topic of a log entry. Valid value: cps_callback_event.
owner_id The ID of an Alibaba Cloud account.
app_key AppKey
message_id The ID of a message.
event_time The time when a receipt event occurs.
event_type The type of a receipt event.
device_id The ID of a device.
device_type The type of a device.
last_active_time The last time when a device is active.
app_version The version of an application.
client_ip The IP address of a client.
brand The brand of a device.
network_type The network type of a device.
os The operating system of a device.
os_version The version of the operating system that runs on a device.
isp The Internet service provider (ISP) of a device.
job_key The key of a job.
event_channel The push channel.
vendor_message_id The message ID of a vendor channel.
reason The cause of a failed push.