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Function expressions

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Function expressions allow you to use a built-in SQL function expression or a user defined function expression.

The following list shows some valid built-in function expressions:

  • ROUND(1234.567*43)

User-defined function expressions cannot pass the parameters of the object type or XMLType to remote functions or procedures.

A user defined function expression calls:

  • A function in a custom package or type or in a standalone user defined function

  • A user defined function or an operator

The following list shows some valid user defined function expressions:

  • circle_area(radius)
  • payroll.tax_rate(empno)
  • hr.employees.comm_pct@remote(dependents, empno)
  • DBMS_LOB.getlength(column_name)
  • my_function(a_column)

If you use user defined functions as expressions, you can use positional notation, named notation, or mixed notation. For example, the following notations are valid:

CALL my_function(arg1 => 3, arg2 => 4) ...
CALL my_function(3, 4) ...
CALL my_function(3, arg2 => 4) ...