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Rules for naming schema objects

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The following rules are useful for naming objects and their parts:

  • Use full, descriptive, and pronounceable names or well-known abbreviations.

  • Use the same naming rule for all objects.

  • Assign the same name to the same object or attribute in different tables.

Make sure that you assign names that are both simple and descriptive to objects. If these objectives cannot be balanced, ensure that the name is descriptive. This is because database objects may be used for a long time. Assume that a table column is named pmdd. Users that use the database ten years later may not understand what information this column stores. However, the table column named payment_due_date is clearer to the users.

The object names based on the same naming rule help users understand the role that each table plays in your application. For example, assign names that start with fin_ to all tables that belong to the FINANCE application.

Assign the same name to the same object in different tables. For example, if both the employee table and the department table have a column that stores the same department IDs, name the column department_id in both tables.