Database Backup (DBS) storage pools are used to store backup data. Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets and self-managed Apsara File Storage NAS file systems are supported in addition to the built-in storage space of DBS. This facilitates backup management.


You can use the built-in storage space of DBS, OSS buckets, and NAS file systems that support the Network File System version 4 (NFSv4) protocol as Database Backup storage pools. DBS storage pools provide the following features:

  • Data backup to OSS buckets or self-managed NAS file systems. For information about how to add a device as a DBS storage pool, see Add and remove storage pools.
  • Multi-level storage pool. The multi-level storage pool feature allows you to dump backup data from one storage pool to another without the need to download the backup data. This can help you meet Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS) compliance requirements.

    For example, you can first back up data to the DBS built-in storage space, and then dump the backup data to a self-managed NAS file system in your data center by using the multi-level storage pool feature. For more information, see Configure a multi-level backup policy.

  • Lifecycle management. DBS automatically manages backup data stored in storage pools, which relieves you of the need to manually compile scripts for lifecycle management.

    For example, if you set the storage duration of the backup data in a NAS file system to six months, DBS automatically deletes the backup data six months after the backup data is stored in the file system.

  • Easy restoration. You can restore backup data directly from storage pools by using the DBS console. This eliminates the need to first import the backup data to your database.


Only logical backups of MySQL and SQL Server databases can be stored in or dumped to OSS buckets or self-managed NAS file systems.


The storage pool feature is in public preview. To use this feature, scan the following QR code to join the DingTalk group whose ID is 35585947.

QR code to join the DingTalk group whose ID is 35585947