If the configurations of a cloud desktop do not meet your business requirements, you can change the configurations. For example, you can change the vCPU and memory specifications, and resize disks. This topic describes how to change the configurations of a cloud desktop.


The cloud desktop is stopped. For more information, see Stop cloud desktops.

Background information

When you change the configurations of a cloud desktop, you can change the cloud desktop type and extend the disks. Take note of the following items:
  • Desktop specifications include vCPU, memory, and GPU configurations. You can change only the cloud desktop type instead of modifying the configurations. You cannot change a cloud desktop between the General Propose type and a non-General Purpose type.
    Note You can only upgrade cloud desktops instead of downgrading cloud desktops.
  • Both system and data disks can be extended.
  • If the cloud desktop uses the subscription billing method, the price difference is calculated based on the change in price before and after the change. You may receive a refund or must make up the price difference.
  • We recommend that you wait at least five minutes between consecutive operations of changing desktop types on the same cloud desktop.

For information about the cloud desktop types provided by EDS and the corresponding disk sizes, see Cloud desktop types.


  1. Log on to the EDS console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Cloud Desktops.
  4. On the Cloud Desktops page, find the cloud desktop whose configurations you want to change, click the More icon in the Actions column, and then click Change Configurations.
  5. In the Change Configurations panel, change the cloud desktop type and disk sizes based on your business requirements.
  6. Confirm the configuration fees and click Modify.
  7. Start the cloud desktop and check whether the new configurations are in effect.