This topic describes how to connect to a cloud desktop from an Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) client.


  • A cloud desktop is created in a workspace, and the cloud desktop is assigned to a convenience user. For more information, see Create a cloud desktop.
  • The password is reset by using the link in the password reset email that is sent by the system.

    After a convenience user is created, the system sends a password reset email to the convenience user. The link in the email can be used only once and is valid for 12 hours. For more information, see Create a convenience user.

Step 1: Download and install the EDS client

After a cloud desktop is created, the system sends a notification email to the email address of the convenience user to which the cloud desktop is assigned. The email contains information such as the link to download the client, the ID of the workspace, and instructions on how to use EDS, as shown in the following figure. Cloud desktop - Email

The system provides Windows and macOS EDS clients. You can click a link based on your operating system to download and install the client.


You can also download the client by choosing Terminals > Download Client in the EDS console. .

Step 2: Log on to the client and connect to the cloud desktop

After you have installed the client and obtained the logon information, you can log on to the client and connect to the cloud desktop. Perform the following operations:

  1. Double-click the Client icon icon to open the client.
  2. In the Configuration step, enter a workspace ID, select a network access mode, and then click Next.
    Set Network Access Mode to Access via Ali Cloud Network. The following figure shows an example of the logon configuration. Configuration
  3. Enter your username and password, and click Next.
    Account configurations
  4. Select a cloud desktop in the Running state and click Connect.
    Desktop display


The window that appears displays the connected cloud desktop.