This topic describes the precautions and limits when you synchronize data from a PostgreSQL database, such as a self-managed PostgreSQL database and an ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL database. To ensure that your data synchronization task runs as expected, read the precautions and limits before you configure the task.

Scenarios of synchronizing data from a PostgreSQL database

You can view the precautions and limits based on the following synchronization scenarios:

Synchronize data from a self-managed PostgreSQL database or an ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL instance to an AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instance

Category Description
Limits on the source database
Other limits
  • Schema synchronization is not supported. Before you configure a data synchronization task, you must create databases and tables in the destination instance.
  • Requirements for the objects to be synchronized:
    • Only tables can be selected as the objects to be synchronized.
    • DTS does not synchronize the following types of data: BIT, VARBIT, GEOMETRY, ARRAY, UUID, TSQUERY, TSVECTOR, and TXID_SNAPSHOT.
Special cases