This topic lists the latest changes to the NodeLocal DNSCache component provided by Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).


ACK NodeLocal DNSCache is a local DNS caching solution developed based on the open source NodeLocal DNSCache project. To use ACK NodeLocal DNSCache, refer to the ack-node-local-dns Helm chart. This solution consists of a DNS cache that runs as a DaemonSet and an admission controller that runs as a Deployment to dynamically inject data to DNSConfig. The admission controller listens on requests from pods and dynamically modifies DNSConfig. This enables pods to use local cache to accelerate DNS lookups.

Usage notes

You can use the component to enable pods to access the local DNS cache on cluster nodes. For more information, see Deploy Node Local DNS in an ACK cluster.

Release notes

April 2021
Version Image address Release date Description Impact
  • DNS cache:
  • Admission controller:
2021-04-21 First version. No impact on workloads.