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View tenant statistics

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2021

On the Tenant Statistics page, you can view the monitoring data and associated nodes of the tenant.

View the monitoring data of a tenant

You can filter the monitoring data by time range in the upper-right corner of the page. By default, the monitoring data of the last six hours is displayed.

You can view the following monitoring metrics:

Monitoring metric


Write Request Rate

tps. The number of write requests per second.

Read Request Rate

qps. The number of read requests per second.

Write Request Response Time

tps_rt. The average response time for a write request.

Read Request Response Time

qps_rt. The average response time for a read request.

Disk Usage

disk_ob_data_size. The disk usage.

Queuing Time

equest_queue_rt. The average time that a request waits in the queue.

Transaction Commits

trans_user_trans_count. The number of transactions committed per second.

Transaction Response Time

trans_commit_rt. The average response time for committing a transaction, in the unit of ms.

View associated nodes

The associated nodes list contains the following columns: Node Name, Zone, Load, CPU, Packet Inflow Rate, Packet Outflow Rate, Retransmission Rate, Disk I/O Wait Time, and Machine Memory Usage.

The Disk I/O Wait Time and Machine Memory Usage columns are available only for high-availability clusters.