After you create an index table for a data table, you can read data from the index table or delete the specified index table.


  • Client is initialized. For more information, see Initialization.
  • A data table is created. The value of timeToLive is -1. The value of maxVersions is 1.
  • Predefined columns are configured for the data table.

Delete an index table by calling the DeleteIndex operation

You can call the DeleteIndex operation to delete the specified index table from the corresponding data table.

  • Parameters
    Parameter Description
    mainTableName The name of the data table.
    indexName The name of the index table.
  • Examples
    private static void deleteIndex(SyncClient client) {
        DeleteIndexRequest request = new DeleteIndexRequest(TABLE_NAME, INDEX_NAME); // Specify the name of the index table that you want to delete and the name of the corresponding data table. 
        client.deleteIndex(request); // Delete the index table.