This topic describes how to configure custom access control list (ACL) rules for Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN). You can set HTTP fields such as XFF, URL, Referer, UA, and parameters.

Note To use this feature, purchase Secure DCDN and submit a ticket.

You can set the following parameters for an ACL rule.

Parameter Description
Rule Name Each rule name must be unique for the same domain name.
Match Condition Match Part
  • URI: the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
  • Param: the request parameter. Set the parameter name in the match field.
  • Header: the HTTP header. Set the header in the match field.
Match Field Fields of HTTP headers, such as User-agent, Cookie, and X-Forward-For.
Note If the match part is URL, the field does not take effect.
Logical Operator contain or equal.
Match Content Matches strings. Regular expression matching is not supported.
Action Allows or blocks the request.