This topic describes the CreateBizType operation that you can call to create a business scenario. You can use the business scenario to customize a policy for machine-assisted moderation for the Content Moderation API.

Operation description

Operation: CreateBizType

You can call this operation to create a business scenario. For more information about how to construct an HTTP request, see Request structure. You can also select an existing HTTP request. For more information, see SDK overview.

Billing method: This operation is free of charge.

Note By default, you can have up to 100 custom business scenarios.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
BizTypeName String Yes bizType1 The name of the business scenario. The name can contain letters, underscores (_), and digits. The name cannot contain Chinese characters.
BizTypeImport String No bizTypeTest The name of an existing business scenario to be imported.
CiteTemplate Boolean No true Specifies whether to import the configuration of an industry template. Valid values:
  • true: imports the configuration of an industry template.
  • false: does not import the configuration of an industry template. Default value: false.
Note If you set this parameter to true, you must specify the IndustryInfo parameter.
IndustryInfo String No Social-Registration information-Profile picture The industry classification. Valid values:
  • Social-Registration information-Profile picture
  • Social-Registration information-Nickname
Description String No Test business scenario The description of the business scenario.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Message String OK The message that is returned for the request.
RequestId String 795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61 The ID of the request.


Sample requests

  "BizTypeName": "bizType1",
  "BizTypeImport": "bizTypeTest",
  "CiteTemplate": true,
  "IndustryInfo": "Social-Registration information-Profile picture",
  "Description": "Test business scenario"

Sample success responses

  "RequestId": "795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61"