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Service authentication

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2021

After you enable the service authentication feature, Alibaba Cloud Public DNS authenticates the inbound DNS requests. This prevents third parties or unauthorized users from viewing information and use the DNS resolution service in Public DNS. On the Public DNS page in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console, click the More tab. On this tab, click Details next to Authentication to go to the Authentication page.

Access methods for which authentication is supported

The service authentication feature is supported for access that is based on the JSON API for DoH and Public DNS SDKs.

The service authentication feature is not supported for DNS requests over DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or DNS over TSL (DoT). After you enable this feature, DNS requests over DoH or DoT are not authenticated.


Create an AccessKey pair on the Authentication page, as shown in the following figure.


You can create one AccessKey pair at least and five AccessKey pairs at most. If you want to view an AccessKey secret, mobile phone verification is required. The verification message is sent to the phone number that is bound to your Alibaba Cloud account. After the verification is complete, you can view the AccessKey secret.

The service authentication feature takes effect only after you enable the feature.

For information about the API operation for service authentication, see URL signing.