Log Service allows you to specify a quota for notifications that are sent by using SMS messages, voice calls, or emails. If the number of notifications sent to a recipient by using a specified notification method reaches the quota, the recipient can no longer receive notifications by using the same method. This topic describes how to configure notification quotas.


  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. Go to the Notification Method Quota page.
    1. In the Projects section, click the name of the required project.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click the Alerts icon.
    3. Click Open Alert Center and choose Alert Management > Notification Method Quota.
  3. Click the Condition icon to configure a condition.
  4. Configure the condition and then click OK.
    For example, a Log Service O&M group wants to receive at most 1,000 SMS messages, 1,000 voice calls, and 1,000 emails per day. You can configure a condition, as shown in the following figure. Condition
    You can add conditions in standard mode or advanced mode.
    • Standard Mode: Multiple conditions are associated by the AND operator.
    • Advanced Mode: Multiple conditions are associated by the AND or OR operator. You can use parentheses () to group multiple conditions.
  5. Click the Method icon to configure quotas for notification methods.
  6. Configure quotas and then click OK.
    If you configure notification quotas without specifying users, the quotas apply to all users and user groups. You can specify the quotas for the Log Service O&M group, as shown in the following figure. Quota
  7. Click the End icon that corresponds to the Condition and Quota dialog boxes to complete the configuration.
    If you want to add conditions and quotas, click the Condition icon.