Before you use Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to back up SQL databases that are deployed on ECS instances, you can perform a precheck to identify conditions that may cause backup failure.


Register an SQL Server instance For more information, see Register an SQL Server instance.


  1. Log on to the HBR console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Backup > ECS File Backup.
  3. On the ECS Database Backup page, click the SQL Server tab.
  4. Select the region where the ECS instance that you want to back up resides.
  5. On the Database Instances tab, find the SQL Server instance that you want to precheck, and click Precheck in the Actions column.
  6. On the Backup Precheck page, click Start Check.
    You can click View Last Precheck Result to view the results of the most recent backup precheck. The following table describes the check items of the precheck.
    Check item Description
    OSS connectivity Checks whether the SQL Server instance is connected to OSS over a specified VPC. The SQL Server instance and OSS must reside in the same region. If the check fails, you cannot perform backup and recovery operations.
    Control network connectivity Checks whether the instance is connected to the control network. If the check fails, you cannot perform operations on this database instance.
    Recovery model Checks the recovery model of the SQL database. If the check fails, you cannot perform incremental backups and log backups on the prompted database.
    • Due to the limits of SQL Server, databases that fail to pass checks support only the simple recovery model. You cannot perform log backups on the databases.
    • You can perform only full backups on master databases. If the backup type is set to incremental backup or log backup for a master database, HBR automatically changes the backup type to full backup.
    • For more information about how to change the recovery model, see the SQL Server documentation. For more information, see View or change the recovery model of SQL Server.
    SQL Server Database Status Checks whether the SQL Server is online. If the check fails, you cannot back up or recover the prompted SQL Server databases.
    The precheck requires about one minute to complete. The following figure shows that the precheck is complete. sqlserverIf a check item fails the precheck, check whether the failure affects backup and recovery of the database.
    • If the failure does not affect backup and recovery of the database, the precheck is complete.
    • If the backup and recovery of the database are affected, you can read the description in the preceding table to fix the issue.

What to do next

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