AnalyticDB for MySQL enabled TusPass Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. to make great strides in their mission to integrate Internet technologies with urban transportation.

About TusPass Beijing Technologies Co., Ltd.


TusPass is a leading solution provider and service operator of intelligent public transportation systems in mainland China. TusPass aims to empower the Beijing Public Transport Group by developing solutions for transportation in the capital. TusPass provides the largest urban public transportation system in Beijing, covering the largest number of vehicles and the widest variety of vehicle models. One such solution is an application that allows citizens to receive real-time updates about public bus routes.


TusPass has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2018, leading to the following challenges:

  • The IT system must handle high transaction volumes and high concurrency. The public transportation system processes data for tens of millions of passengers per day. During peak hours, thousands of concurrent requests are processed per second.
  • TusPass receives data from a wide variety of data sources, including more than 20,000 buses, GPS trackers, and IoT data from road sensors.
  • TusPass requires storage, computing, and queries for petabytes of data each year.


Alibaba Cloud deployed a combination of ApsaraDB services to provide a scalable solution that meets the growing needs of TusPass:

  • PolarDB-X is used to build all business systems. The systems can process large amounts of data and meet the requirements of TusPass for high concurrency, availability, and scalability.
  • The enquiry management system synchronizes user data to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time. Business personnel can use SQL to compute and analyze user data, obtain real-time passenger flows, perform real-time analysis based on the monitoring information uploaded by bus tools, and schedule buses.


The combination of PolarDB-X and AnalyticDB for MySQL enabled TusPass to realize a fully-scalable intelligent public transport system that will meet their customers’ needs for years to come. The Beijing Public Transport app is able to help citizens plan their trips and handle traffic peaks during rush hour. Management personnel are able to use real-time big data analytics to make more efficient decisions, and real-time passenger flow data is automatically analyzed to schedule buses.