AnalyticDB for MySQL, in combination with other Alibaba Cloud services, provides a precision marketing solution for Keruyun, allowing the company to provide merchants with more targeted marketing and ensure that their ordering systems can handle peak order volumes.

About Keruyuan

Keruyun, based in China, provides ordering and cashier services for restaurants and operations services for catering merchants. Their technology includes smart hardware, SaaS, and marketing management solutions.


Keruyun aims to become the leading SaaS platform for the local services industry in China. However, as their business grew, the company encountered several limitations:

  • Merchants could only check the status of their operations after a day. This led to delays in allocating resources, affecting efficiency.
  • Merchants required better defined customer profiles, such as age-based customer groups, consumption habits, and consumption levels to distinguish target customer groups. This way, merchants would be able to offer more targeted discounts and promotions to the desired customers.
  • During holidays such as New Year's Day and Valentine's Day, businesses can experience spikes in their order volumes of up to four times the usual amount. As a result, some caterers were experiencing extreme latency when processing orders through Keruyun’s system and sometimes experienced failed orders.


To tackle the preceding challenges, Alibaba Cloud developed the following solution for Keruyun:

  • The original Keruyun system used Hive, HBase, Kylin, and TiDB to separately analyze business data, which was inefficient and labor intensive. AnalyticDB for MySQL is now used for unified data analysis, allowing staff to check analytics reports as they are generated in real time and all in one place.
  • With AnalyticDB for MySQL, operations reports of merchants are updated every 5 minutes.
  • A customer tag system was built by using AnalyticDB for MySQL to help develop detailed customer profiles.
  • 23 core databases were migrated to PolarDB, which provides rapid elastic scaling. Nodes can be added or removed and specifications can be upgraded and downgraded within 5 minutes.


The solution provided by Alibaba Cloud allowed Keruyun to both continue its growth and improve its services for existing customers. Keruyun was able to offer hourly operations reports as a value-added service, and its new set customer profiles are also expected to be a hit with merchants.

Handing spikes in order volume is also no longer a problem. In a 2019 promotion, individual orders were completed within two seconds on average even though the total number of orders had increased by 50% compared to the previous year. No latency or failures occurred.