Shenzhen Irobotbox Tech Co. utilized Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB for MySQL in combination with Quick BI to build a fine-grained advertisement management solution. The solution improves advertisement creation efficiency and performance, and helps Irobotbox to allocate advertising campaign budgets based on real-time insights.

About Shenzhen Irobotbox Tech Co.

Irobotbox provides users with an e-commerce ERP system that connects to the world’s major e-commerce platforms. They develop solutions for CRM management, supply chain, funds management, and more.


Irobotbox had the following requirements for their systems:

  • When users search for products by keyword, highly concurrent real-time query requests must be generated to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Storage is required for vast amounts of historical data. Single tables of some users add more than 100 million rows of data per year.
  • Users must be able to query the conversion rate and return on investment (ROI) of advertisements from dashboards in real time. During peak hours, the number of complex queries per second (QPS) can reach more than 100.
  • The query response time of databases must be less than 20 seconds. However, the response time of some GROUP BY statements within third-party databases that run online transaction processing (OLTP) systems exceeds 40 seconds. This is insufficient to meet business requirements.


To tackle the preceding challenges, Alibaba Cloud deployed the following solution:

  • An AnalyticDB for MySQL cluster is used to store business data. This cluster is of the Cluster Edition and contains 16 C8 node groups. It can support tens of thousands of transactions per seconds (QPS) as well as return responses for complex queries of terabytes of data within seconds.
  • Quick BI is deployed to perform data analytics, exploration, and reporting on advertising data.


The new advertising solution allows Irobotbox’s users to identify search terms with high conversion rates through real-time statistical analysis of large amounts of data and so better allocate advertising campaign budgets to maximize benefits. Users can query gross profit from advertisements in real time. The AnalyticDB for MySQL cluster allows flexible scaling of nodes and storage, ensuring that the system can handle spikes in queries during peak times.