AnalyticDB for MySQL in combination with ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL provides a hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) solution based on the MySQL ecosystem for the flower sales business Flowerplus.

About Flowerplus


China-based Flowerplus is an e-commerce platform that focuses on the procurement, sale, and logistics of providing flowers to the mass market. Founded in 2015, the platform has gained popularity thanks to its reliable service and monthly subscription plans.


The existing system of Flowerplus utilized ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, Apsara PolarDB for MySQL, and PolarDB-X. However, Flowerplus was still facing the following challenges:

  • Performance of complex data queries

    When the existing MySQL database products were used to analyze orders, product traffic, procurement, business conversion rates, and alerts for sold out products, results from queries became slow or were not returned at all. Certain reports are particularly urgent and require responses within seconds. Therefore, a specialist product was needed to support reporting and BI.

  • Data compatibility

    The analysis and storage services must be compatible with the syntax of the existing MySQL databases to reduce research and development costs.

  • Storage scalability

    Flowerplus may generate over one billion data records in the future. Therefore, scalability of the storage and analysis services is key.


To tackle the preceding challenges, Alibaba Cloud provided the following solution:

  • AnalyticDB for MySQL, an online analytical processing (OLAP) system, is used to analyze data. This accelerates the analysis of business and BI reports and ensures that responses are returned quickly.
  • AnalyticDB for MySQL version 3.0 is used, which is more compatible with MySQL databases than that of version 2.0.
  • Node groups can be scaled out to improve the concurrency and computing performance of AnalyticDB for MySQL. This ensures that response speeds are stable even as business reports increase in volume and queries grow in complexity.


The HTAP solution provides the following benefits to Flowerplus:

  • Improves data analysis efficiency and accelerates business optimization for Flowerplus based on the quick analysis capability of AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • Improves data analysis performance by up to 10 times when AnalyticDB for MySQL is used to analyze reports, improving business experience.
  • Reduces increases in maintenance costs caused by increasing volumes of data. AnalyticDB for MySQL uses an architecture that features multiple nodes. Compared with traditional relational databases, this architecture provides higher scalability and flexibility.