Function Compute can be useful to implement custom logic to respond to 3rd-party services events such as a GitHub code push event, a DingTalk/Slack notification or a TmallGenie smart speaker skill. In this document, we will provide tutorials on such integrations.

Integration Mechanisms

  • Via Alibaba Cloud Eventbridge: EventBridge is a serverless event bus that accepts messages from inside/outside of Alibaba Cloud and forward messages to other event targets such as Function Compute. Third-party services can send messages to EventBridge with CloudEvents 1.0 specification which invokes FC functions to handle the corresponding messages.
  • FC built-in HTTP Trigger Webhook: many third-party services supports HTTP Webhook integration. With FC HTTP Trigger, events such as Github commit push, Dingtalk/Slack notification can be handled with your own function code.
  • Other integrations: the service invokes functions via FC API directly upon receiving events.

EventBridge SaaS ISV Integrations

Please refer to Build an event bus for SaaS platform that allows ISVs to integrate with Alibaba Cloud FC including:

  • Generic SaaS ISV integrationsGeneric_SaaS_ISV_integrations
  • Dingtalk SaaS platform ISVDingtalk_SaaS_platform_ISV
  • Jushita ISV e-commerce platform ISVsjushita

HTTP Webhook Tutorials

The following 3rd-party integrations examples are done by the HTTP Webhook integration.

  • Code Repository Events

    The following figure shows that developers can make changes to a Git code repository such as create/delete a branch/tag, push a new commit or fork a code repository.


    The step-by-step instructions for the integration setup are open sourced for your reference:

    • GitHub Webhook triggers FC invocations: Tutorial
    • Gitee Webhook triggers FC invocations: Tutorial
  • Instant Messaging Notifications

    Upon an user sends an IM message, the event can be forwarded to FunctionCompute for customized processing, the following projects gives a detailed example:

    • DingTalk events trigger FC invocations: Tutorial
    • Slack events trigger FC invocations: Tutorial

Other Integrations

AliGenie is a popular smart voice assistant. It integrated Function Compute to handle custom skills.