After you purchase DataWorks Enterprise Edition or DataWorks Ultimate Edition, you can call DataWorks API operations to use DataWorks features. You are charged based on the number of times you call the API operations. This topic describes the billing of the API operations.

Background information

DataWorks Enterprise Edition or DataWorks Ultimate Edition provides a variety of DataWorks API operations. For more information about how to use the API operations, see Overview.

You are charged for the API operations based on your DataWorks edition and the number of times you call the API operations.
  • To use DataWorks API operations, you must purchase the Enterprise Edition or Ultimate Edition.
  • DataWorks offers a monthly free quota for API calls in each region. The free quota takes effect on each Alibaba Cloud account, including the RAM users within the Alibaba Cloud account.
  • After you use up the free quota, you are charged USD 0.05 per 10,000 calls.

Billing standards

The billing standards are the same in different regions. The following table lists the billing standards for different editions of DataWorks.
Item Enterprise Edition Ultimate Edition
Free quota 1 million calls per month 10 million calls per month
Billable API calls USD 0.05 per 10,000 calls

Overdue payments

If your account has overdue payments, your DataWorks service is immediately stopped. To ensure service continuity, we recommend that you top up your account at the earliest opportunity.