Apsara AI Accelerator (AIACC) is an AI accelerator developed by Alibaba Cloud and has significant performance benefits in training and inference scenarios, which makes computing more efficient and reduces usage costs.

AIACC has the following core benefits:

  • Unified acceleration

    AIACC provides unified acceleration of various AI frameworks in TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet, and PyTorch.

  • In-depth performance optimization

    AIACC provides in-depth performance optimization based on basic IaaS resources of Alibaba Cloud such as GPUs, CPUs, networks, and I/O.

  • Automatic scaling

    Based on basic IaaS resources, AIACC supports quick construction and automatic scaling.

  • Compatibility with open source frameworks

    AIACC is lightweight, convenient, and compatible with open source frameworks. Algorithm code or model code that you write based on an open source framework requires little modification.