The snapshot feature of ApsaraVideo Live allows you to capture snapshots of live videos based on the specified snapshots interval. ApsaraVideo Live stores the snapshots in the JPG format in the specified Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domains to go to the Domain Management page.
  3. Select the streaming domain that you want to configure and click Domain Settings.
    Configure the domain name
  4. Choose Templates > Snapshot Settings.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Configure a snapshot template.
    Snapshot settings

    The following table describes the parameters that you can set to configure a snapshot template.

    Parameter Description
    Application Name The name of the video application. The value of this parameter must be the same as the application name specified in the ingest URL. Otherwise, the configuration does not take effect. If you need to configure snapshot settings for all applications in your domain, enter an asterisk (*).
    Snapshot Interval The interval between two consecutive snapshots that are captured. Unit: seconds. Valid values: 5 to 3600.
    Storage Location The storage location of snapshots in OSS.
    Storage Mode Two storage methods are available. You can select both the methods.
    • Overwrite: Video snapshots are captured in sequence based on the snapshots interval. The newly captured image overwrites the previous one.
    • New: Video snapshots are captured in sequence based on the snapshots interval. New snapshots with a sequence number of N + 1 (N ≥ 0) are stored in OSS in sequence.
    Note If you select both the methods, snapshots are captured in the two methods.

    After you configure the snapshot template, all applications in your domain capture and store snapshots based on the configured template.

    After you modify the snapshot settings, the modification takes effect only for newly ingested streams.

  7. Click OK.