Alibaba Cloud allows you to enable the disk encryption feature for free on an ApsaraDB for MyBase instance that uses enhanced SSDs (ESSDs). This feature encrypts all the data on ESSDs by using block storage. Your backup data cannot be decrypted even if it is leaked. This ensures data security.


  • You can enable disk encryption for a MyBase for MySQL instanceonly when you create this instance. After an instance is created, you cannot enable disk encryption. For more information, see Create a MyBase for MySQL instance.
  • Enhanced SSD (Recommended) is selected when you create an instance. For more information, see Storage types.
  • High-availability Edition is selected when you create an instance. For more information, see Product editions.
  • The instance is deployed in one of the following regions:
    • China (Hangzhou)
    • China (Shanghai)
    • China (Qingdao)
    • China (Beijing)
    • China (Shenzhen)
    • China (Hong Kong)
    • Singapore (Singapore)
    • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
    • Indonesia (Jakarta)
    • Germany (Frankfurt)


Disk encryption is available for free. You do not need to pay additional fees for the read and write operations that you perform on the encrypted disks.


  • Disk encryption cannot be disabled after you enable it.
  • After you enable disk encryption for an instance, the snapshots that are generated by the instance and the instances that are created from those snapshots are automatically encrypted.
  • Disk encryption does not interrupt your business and you do not need to modify your applications.

Method to enable disk encryption

When you create a MyBase for MySQL instance,select Enhanced SSD (Recommended), select Disk Encryption on the right, and then select the key that you want to use.

Note For information about how to create a key, see Manage keys.