This topic provides answers to commonly asked questions about Function Compute instances.

How do I release Function Compute instances or disable services in Function Compute?

If you need to disable services in Function Compute, you can delete the services and functions in the services. When the system detects that specific functions are deleted, the system automatically reclaims all instances that are running. We recommend that you proceed with caution. For more information about how to delete services and functions, see Delete a service and Delete a function.

Notice If you use provisioned instances, you must manually release the provisioned instances before you delete functions. For more information, see Modify the number of instances in reserved mode.

Can I switch between a performance instance and a flexible instance?

Function Compute allows you to switch only from a flexible instance to a performance instance. After you change the instance type, some configurations are not equivalent. Therefore, if you switch from a performance instance to a flexible instance, a function error occurs.

Note If you need to switch from a performance instance to a flexible instance, you can create a function, or delete the original function and create another function.