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List of operations by function

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Global Traffic Manager (GTM) provides the following API operations.

Address pools

Operation Description
AddGtmAddressPool Creates an address pool.
DescribeGtmInstanceAddressPool Queries detailed information of an address pool.
DeleteGtmAddressPool Deletes an address pool.
UpdateGtmAddressPool Modifies an address pool.
DescribeGtmInstanceAddressPools Queries the address pools of a GTM instance.


Operation Description
DescribeGtmInstances Queries GTM instances under your account.
DescribeGtmInstance Queries detailed information of a GTM instance.
DescribeGtmInstanceStatus Queries the current status of a GTM instance.
UpdateGtmInstanceGlobalConfig Modifies the configuration of a GTM instance.
DescribeGtmInstanceSystemCname Queries the CNAME record assigned by the system for a GTM instance.
DescribeGtmAvailableAlertGroup Queries available alert groups for a GTM instance.

Access policies

Operation Description
DescribeGtmAccessStrategies Queries access policies of a GTM instance.
DescribeGtmAccessStrategy Queries detailed information of the access policy of a GTM instance based on the policy ID.
DescribeGtmAccessStrategyAvailableConfig Queries the available configurations of the current access policy of a GTM instance.
AddGtmAccessStrategy Creates an access policy for a GTM instance.
UpdateGtmAccessStrategy Modifies an access policy of a GTM instance.
SetGtmAccessMode Modifies the switching policy of active address pools of a GTM instance.
DeleteGtmAccessStrategy Deletes an access policy of a GTM instance.

Health checks

Operation Description
DescribeGtmMonitorAvailableConfig Queries the configurable settings of a health check.
DescribeGtmMonitorConfig Queries the health check configuration of an address pool.
AddGtmMonitor Creates a health check.
UpdateGtmMonitor Modifies a health check.
SetGtmMonitorStatus Sets the health check status of an address pool.

Disaster recovery plans

Operation Description
DescribeGtmRecoveryPlans Queries disaster recovery plans.
DescribeGtmRecoveryPlan Queries detailed information of a disaster recovery plan.
DescribeGtmRecoveryPlanAvailableConfig Queries the configurable settings for a disaster recovery plan.
AddGtmRecoveryPlan Adds a disaster recovery plan.
PreviewGtmRecoveryPlan Previews a disaster recovery plan.
RollbackGtmRecoveryPlan Rolls back a disaster recovery plan.
ExecuteGtmRecoveryPlan Exexutes a disaster recovery plan.
UpdateGtmRecoveryPlan Modifies a disaster recovery plan.
DeleteGtmRecoveryPlan Deletes a disaster recovery plan.


Operation Description
DescribeGtmLogs Queries the logs.