The Flink Serverless development console allows you to develop, submit, suspend, and stop Flink DataStream jobs.

  • If the upstream and downstream storage systems that Flink DataStream jobs access use a whitelist mechanism, you must configure whitelists. For more information, see Configure a whitelist.
  • Flink DataStream jobs supported by Realtime Compute for Apache Flink are developed based on the open source Flink version. For more information, see Open source Flink version.
Flink DataStream allows you to call the underlying Flink Serverless API operations so that you can use Flink Serverless in a flexible manner.
Flink DataStream Developer Guide consists of the following topics:
  • Develop a job

    Develop a job describes the limits and methods to develop DataStream API, Table API, and Python API jobs in Flink Serverless.

  • Submit a job

    Submit a job describes how to submit Flink Serverless DataStream API, Table API, and Python API jobs to clusters for running.

  • Suspend and stop a job

    Suspend or terminate a job describes how to suspend or stop a job in the RUNNING state in the Flink Serverless development console.