This topic describes the certificate brands that Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service supports. Certificate brands are also known as certificate authorities (CAs).

The following table lists the supported certificate brands and the types of certificates that each brand can issue. Symbol description:
  • √: indicates that the type of certificate can be issued by the brand.
  • ×: indicates that the type of certificate cannot be issued by the brand.

For more information about certificate types, see Supported certificate types.

Certificate brand Description Certificate type
GlobalSign GlobalSign is one of the earliest CAs in the industry. It has been committed to network security authentication and digital certificate services. GlobalSign is a trusted CA and SSL certificate provider. ×
Entrust Entrust is a world-renowned CA that has established a trusted virtual environment. It allows users to conduct secure digital transactions and communication from all locations.

Entrust provides trust services for websites, software developers, and individuals, including issuing SSL certificates that are used for website authentication and encryption. More than 83% of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Entrust SSL certificates.