The following table describes the limits of the sandbox feature of Database Backup.

Item Commercial mode
Database engine MySQL and Oracle are supported.
Backup method Physical backup is supported.
Supported regions
  • China (Beijing)
  • China (Shanghai)
  • China (Hangzhou)
  • China (Shenzhen)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
Data source
  • ApsaraDB RDS instances that have local SSDs are supported.
  • Self-managed databases that are deployed on ECS instances are supported.
    Note These ECS instances must be deployed within a virtual private cloud (VPC). For more information about how to create a VPC, see Create a default VPC and vSwitch.
Maximum number of snapshots The maximum number of snapshots is unlimited and varies based on the sandbox storage capacity that you purchase.
Snapshot type Full and incremental backups are supported.
Maximum sandbox storage capacity The maximum sandbox storage capacity is 8 TB.
Number of CPU cores in a sandbox instance You can use 1 to 8 cores and exclusive CPU resources.
Maximum number of sandbox instances You can create a maximum of 1,000 sandbox instances.
Maximum use duration of a single sandbox instance The maximum use duration of a single sandbox instance is unlimited.