On the Overview page, you can view the key performance metrics of applications. The metrics include overall metrics such as the number of entrance requests and the average response time, and metrics related to the applications, entrances, and alerts. In addition, you can view the access procedure and endpoint information.

Go to the Overview page

  1. Log on Tracing Analysis console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Overview. Then, click the Overview analysis tab.

Overview analysis

The following key performance metrics are displayed on the Overview analysis tab:
  • The number of entrance requests, average response time, number of spans, and number of span errors in the specified time range, and the percentage changes between the statistics of the same day last week or last day and the current statistics.
  • The name, region, health status, number of requests, number of errors, and response time of each application.
  • The name, application, number of requests, response time, and number of errors of each entrance.
  • The name, trigger status, trigger time, content, level, and rule of each alert.

Access procedure

The access procedure and your access process are displayed on the Access process tab. In addition, you can view endpoint information.