On the Dashboards page of a Kubernetes cluster, you can view all Grafana dashboards of the Kubernetes cluster and the core metrics displayed on the dashboards. You can also update Grafana dashboards as required.


The Kubernetes cluster is monitored by Prometheus Service. For more information, see Access to Alibaba Cloud Prometheus Service.

Go to a Grafana dashboard

  1. Log on to the ARMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Prometheus Monitoring.
  3. In the top navigation bar of the Prometheus Monitoring page, select the region where the monitored Kubernetes cluster resides. Then, click the name of the Kubernetes cluster in the K8s column.
    The Dashboards page displays the information about all Grafana dashboards of the Kubernetes cluster, including the dashboard name, dashboard version, dashboard type, data source, tags, core metrics, and status.
    Parameter Description
    Version The version of the Grafana dashboard. Prometheus Service updates basic Grafana dashboards on an irregular basis.
    Type The type of the Grafana dashboard. Valid values:
    Source The source of the monitoring data in the Grafana dashboard.
    Tag The tags of the monitored objects.
    Core Metric The core metrics that are displayed on the Grafana dashboard.
    Status The status of the Grafana dashboard.


On the Dashboards page, you can perform the following operations:

  • View metrics

    Click the name of a Grafana dashboard. On the page that appears, you can view the real-time metrics on the Grafana dashboard. For more information about the metrics on basic dashboards, see Basic metrics.

  • View core metrics

    Find a Grafana dashboard that you want to view and move the pointer over the icon in the Core Metrics column. Then, the information about the core metrics is displayed. Click Details. The Details message appears. In the Details message, you can view the type and description of the core metrics.

  • Update a basic dashboard

    Find a Grafana dashboard whose name is suffixed with the New icon, and click Upgrade in the Actions column. In the message that appears, click Upgrade.

  • Reset basic dashboards

    On the Dashboards page, click Reset Dashboard in the upper-right corner. In the message that appears, click Confirm. Then, all basic dashboards are updated to the latest version.