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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Serverless Devs Tool is a tool that makes the development and operations and maintenance (O&M) of serverless applications more efficient. This tool allows you to develop, create, test, and deploy an application with ease and efficiency, to manage the full lifecycle of the application. This topic describes the basic features of Serverless Devs Tool.



Serverless Devs Tool is a tool that allows you to manage the full lifecycles of cloud services and resources in an end-to-end manner. By leveraging components and plug-ins, Serverless Devs Tool can be used throughout the full lifecycle of a project, including creation, development, debugging, deployment, and O&M In this topic, Function Compute components are used as an example.

  1. Creation: Create a project by using the command-line tool or Serverless Devs App Store.

  2. Development: Check for errors in the development process by using capabilities such as on-premises debugging.

  3. Debugging: Debug the final project by using capabilities such as on-premises debugging, remote call, and log query.

  4. Deployment: Build a complete deployment package by installing dependencies and creating the project structure, and then deploy the project.

  5. O&M:

    • Query metrics to perform health checks on the project.

    • Query logs to identify issues.

    • Use capabilities such as project publishing to publish project versions and aliases and implement canary release.

Basic features

Serverless Devs App Store is an application center that provides a large number of templates for projects and use cases. You can deploy projects to specified cloud platforms with a few clicks. For more information, see Serverless Devs Tool.


  • Support for mainstream serverless services and frameworks

    Serverless Devs App Store is a serverless developer platform where components and plug-ins are provided. You can use the services and frameworks of serverless projects in a pluggable manner and participate in the development of components and plug-ins. Serverless Devs Tool provides friendly support for both industry-grade serverless services and open source serverless frameworks. By using Serverless Devs Tool, you can get started with mainstream serverless services and frameworks without the need to learn all serverless tools.

  • Visual editing and deployment

    Serverless Devs Tool has a comprehensive set of features for visual editing and deployment. In Serverless Devs App Store, you can search for application cases or components based on keywords. You can also configure projects by using the visual editing feature and deploy the configured projects.

    The visual editing and deployment features of Serverless Devs App Store reduce the overall deployment time of serverless projects by about 50%. Serverless Devs App Store is also an open source platform where all developers can make contributions. You can publish your own components and applications on Serverless Devs App Store for others to use and refer to.

  • Flexible and open

    Serverless Devs Tool can describe resources in Alibaba Cloud services such as Function Compute, API Gateway, and Object Storage Service (OSS). It can also describe actions such as install, build, and publish by using the built-in plug-ins and hooks.

    Serverless Devs Tool does not restrict component commands. You are encouraged to develop more capabilities for different components to deal with more complicated scenarios. For example, Function Compute components support both conventional capabilities such as deployment and removal of functions as well as customized capabilities, such as log query, metric query, on-premises building, dependency installation, and debugging.

Installation methods

Installation methods