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How to view the database administrator in the DMS console

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2021


This topic describes how to view the database administrator (DBA) in the DMS console. For more information about the permissions of DBAs, see more.


  1. Log on to the DMS console.
  2. in the left-side navigation pane, find the database you want to view. right-click the target instance and select instance DBA from the displayed list to view the DBA of the database.


For an overview of the functions supported by DBAs, see I am a DBA.


Role Description Permission
  • Each instance has only one DBA.
  • DBAs and DMS administrators can manage instance DBAs.
  • The DBA of an instance can view user permissions on the instance, and grant or revoke permissions on the databases and tables in the instance.
  • The DBA of an instance can query all the data in the databases of the instance, except for data in sensitive or confidential fields. The DBA can also submit tickets to perform operations on data and schemas in the instance without applying for permissions first.
  • Instance DBAs are automatically identified by the system and then assigned to the DBA nodes in approval processes.


  • Data Management (DMS)