If your domain name is attacked or your website undergoes malicious bot traffic, issues such as bandwidth surges and traffic spikes may rise. As a result, your bill amount will be higher than expected. This topic describes the scenarios where high bills are generated, potential risks, and solutions.


Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) is a content delivery acceleration service and provides only basic security protection capabilities. This ensures the stability of DCDN nodes. If no extra security measures are implemented, DCDN cannot identify all attacks or ensure service stability in the case of website attacks.

High bills are generated in the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: malicious attacks against website domain names

    If your domain name is attacked, you are charged for the bandwidth resources that are consumed to protect against the attacks.

  • Scenario 2: malicious bot traffic to a website

    Malicious bot traffic can lead to a bandwidth surge. Similar to a malicious attack on the domain name, the bot traffic consumes bandwidth resources. Therefore, you are charged for the consumed bandwidth resources.


To guarantee the service stability of DCDN nodes, if an attack is launched against your domain name, your domain name is sandboxed to ensure service stability of DCDN nodes. For more information, see Sandbox description.


To ensure that your DCDN service runs as expected and your bills remain unaffected, we recommend that you enable protection features to manage network traffic. For more information, see the product page of Anti-DDoS. The following table lists the approaches to manage network traffic.
Item Approach
Bandwidth throttling If you want to throttle bandwidth for DCDN, you can submit a ticket. Alibaba Cloud will configure the settings of DCDN as required in the ticket.
Notice After the maximum bandwidth value is reached, the data transfer rate is reduced and packet loss may occur.
Real-time monitoring You can use Cloud Monitor to monitor the peak bandwidth of the domain name in real time. Cloud Monitor allows you to monitor the peak bandwidth for a specified domain name. When the specified peak bandwidth is reached, the system sends alert notifications by using SMS, emails, and DingTalk messages. You can identify potential risks in a timely manner. For more information, see the product page of Cloud Monitor.