Call the GetManualDagInstances to obtain information about the manually triggered workflow execution instance.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes GetManualDagInstances

The operation that you want to perform.

DagId String Yes 7000001231241

The ID of the Dag instance that triggers running manually triggered workflow, CreateManualDag the DagId returned by the operation.

ProjectEnv String Yes RPOD

Scheduling and Operation Center environment ID: PROD indicates the production environment, and DEV indicates the development environment.

ProjectName String Yes test_workspace

The English name of the workspace to which the manually triggered workflow belongs.

RegionId String Yes cn-shanghai

The region ID of the workspace.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description

The request ID.

Instances Array of Instances

The list of internal instances of the manually triggered workflow.

BeginRunningTime Long 1605178414676

The time when the node instance started to run.

BeginWaitResTime Long 1605178414676

Resource time such as start.

BeginWaitTimeTime Long 1605178414676

The time to wait.

BizDate Long 1605178414676

The data timestamp of the node instance.

CreateTime Long 1605178414676

The time when the RAM user group was created.

CycTime Long 1605178414676

The scheduled time.

DagId Long 350850491

The DagId of the manually triggered workflow instance.

DagType String 5

The type of the manually triggered workflow.

FinishTime Long 1605178414676

The end time.

InstanceId Long 11726873619

The ID of the internal instance.

ModifyTime Long 1605178414676

The time when the launch template was modified.

NodeId Long 37851

Workflow of the inner node ID.

NodeName String test2

The name of the node.

ParamValues String xxx

The parameter information of the instance.

Status String WAIT_TIME

The state of the cluster.


Sample requests

     http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=GetManualDagInstances &DagId=7000001231241 &ProjectEnv=RPOD &ProjectName=test_workspace &RegionId=cn-shanghai &<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format

     <success>true</success> <httpStatusCode>200</httpStatusCode> <data> <nodeId>37851</nodeId> <instanceId>11726873619</instanceId> <dagId>350850491</dagId> <dagType>BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG</dagType> <status>WAIT_TIME</status> <bizdate>1589846400000</bizdate> <paramValues>bizdate=20200519</paramValues> <cycTime>1589932800000</cycTime> <beginWaitTimeTime>1605178414676</beginWaitTimeTime> <createTime>1605178401323</createTime> <modifyTime>1605178414676</modifyTime> <nodeName>test2</nodeName> </data> <data> <nodeId>37178</nodeId> <instanceId>11726873618</instanceId> <dagId>350850491</dagId> <dagType>BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG</dagType> <status>WAIT_TIME</status> <bizdate>1589846400000</bizdate> <paramValues>bizdate=20200519</paramValues> <cycTime>1589932800000</cycTime> <beginWaitTimeTime>1605178414531</beginWaitTimeTime> <createTime>1605178401311</createTime> <modifyTime>1605178414531</modifyTime> <nodeName>ide_file_full</nodeName> </data> <data> <nodeId>37829</nodeId> <instanceId>11726873617</instanceId> <dagId>350850491</dagId> <dagType>BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG</dagType> <status>WAIT_TIME</status> <bizdate>1589846400000</bizdate> <paramValues>bizdate=20200519</paramValues> <cycTime>1589932800000</cycTime> <beginWaitTimeTime>1605178414616</beginWaitTimeTime> <createTime>1605178401299</createTime> <modifyTime>1605178414616</modifyTime> <nodeName>test</nodeName> </data> 


     { "success": true, "httpStatusCode": 200, "data": [ { "nodeId": 37851, "instanceId": 11726873619, "dagId": 350850491, "dagType": "BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG", "status": "WAIT_TIME", "bizdate": 1589846400000, "paramValues": "bizdate\u003d20200519", "cycTime": 1589932800000, "beginWaitTimeTime": 1605178414676, "createTime": 1605178401323, "modifyTime": 1605178414676, "nodeName": "test2" }, { "nodeId": 37178, "instanceId": 11726873618, "dagId": 350850491, "dagType": "BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG", "status": "WAIT_TIME", "bizdate": 1589846400000, "paramValues": "bizdate\u003d20200519", "cycTime": 1589932800000, "beginWaitTimeTime": 1605178414531, "createTime": 1605178401311, "modifyTime": 1605178414531, "nodeName": "ide_file_full" }, { "nodeId": 37829, "instanceId": 11726873617, "dagId": 350850491, "dagType": "BUSINESS_PROCESS_DAG", "status": "WAIT_TIME", "bizdate": 1589846400000, "paramValues": "bizdate\u003d20200519", "cycTime": 1589932800000, "beginWaitTimeTime": 1605178414616, "createTime": 1605178401299, "modifyTime": 1605178414616, "nodeName": "test" } ] } 

Error code

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