DCDN provides a variety of API operations that can be used to manage SSL certificates. This topic describes the features of these API operations. This allows you to understand the complex procedure to call these API operations.

Management of SSL certificates
Note After the certificate is created and uploaded by using a certificate signing request (CSR) file, update the certificate based on SSL Certificates Service.
The following table describes the related API operations.
API Description
AddDcdnDomain Adds a domain name. You can add only one domain name in each call.
VerifyDcdnDomainOwner Validates the ownership of a specified domain name.
DescribeDcdnVerifyContent Queries the ownership verification content.
DescribeDcdnDomainCertificateInfo Queries the certificate information for a specific accelerated domain name.
SetDcdnDomainCertificate Enables or disables the SSL certificate for a specified domain name and modifies the certificate information.
DescribeDcdnCertificateList Queries the certificates of one or more specific accelerated domain names.
DescribeDcdnCertificateDetail Queries the detailed information about a certificate.
DescribeDcdnDomainByCertificate Queries accelerated domain names based on the certificate information.
BatchSetDcdnDomainCertificate Configures an HTTPS certificate and modifies the certificate information for one or more accelerated domain names.