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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021


This topic describes the features of Global Traffic Manager (GTM). This topic also describes how to use GTM.


1. Instances

This topic describes the details of GTM instances. These details include the instance ID, CNAME access domain name, number of health check tasks, number of notifications, status, package version, and expiration time.

2. Basic settings

This topic describes the basic settings of a GTM instance. These basic settings include the instance name, CNAME access domain name, global TTL, and alert group.

3. Access policies

This topic describes geographical location-based access polices and latency-based access policies. This topic also describes the settings of an access policy. Access policies allow you to implement nearby access and disaster recovery. The settings of an access policy include the name, primary address pool set, secondary address pool set, and DNS request sources. DNS request sources allow you to implement intelligent DNS resolution, for example, schedule network traffic by region or ISP line.

4. Configure address pools

This topic describes the settings of an address pool. These settings include the name, type, minimum number of available addresses, addresses, and switchover policy.

5. Health checks

This topic describes the features and settings of health checks. These features include health checks over ping, TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS.

6. Alert logs

This topic describes the alert logs that record the status of each GTM instance. Alert logs are generated in the following situations: 1. An error occurs during a health check. 2. A health check is resumed. 3. An address pool set becomes unavailable. 4. An unavailable address pool set becomes available. 5. Access policies are switched. 6. An address becomes unavailable. 7. An unavailable address becomes available.