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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This tutorial guides you to create a Global Traffic Manager (GTM) instance, enable GTM to distribute traffic to two addresses, and configure the health check feature to achieve failover.


1 . Create an instance

To access your application service by using GTM, you must create a GTM instance. GTM provides Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition.

2 . Authorize GTM

The first time you use GTM, you must authorize GTM to access your cloud resources. This allows GTM to access your alert contact groups that are created in Cloud Monitor.

Note: Authorization is required only once for each Alibaba Cloud account. Skip this step if the authorization is completed.

3 . Set an access policy

GTM provides the following access policies: access policy based on geographical locations and access policy based on latency. To resolve DNS requests and return IP addresses based on carriers or regions, select the access policy based on geographical locations. Then, you can add and configure access policies. To resolve DNS requests based on the network latency from clients to servers and access the optimal backend service, select the access policy based on latency.

4 . Create an address pool

When you use GTM to manage application addresses, you must create an address pool for the addresses. You can set an address pool type, load balancing policy, and region.

5 . Enable health check

If you enable this feature, you can monitor the availability of your application service in real time. Available health check options include ping, tcp, and http(s).

6 . Configure basic settings

You can configure basic settings of a GTM instance. The basic settings include the instance name, canonical domain name, service domain name, global time-to-live (TTL), and alert contact group.

7 . Achieve CNAME-based integration

After you configure and test GTM, you must create a CNAME record to map a service domain name to a canonical domain name that is provided by GTM. This way, your application service is integrated with GTM.