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Basic settings

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2021


A Global Traffic Manager (GTM) instance is created. Access to the related cloud resources is authorized. An access policy is configured.


Basic settings include the required global system settings that you must configure for a new GTM instance. These settings include the domain name, CNAME access type, global TTL, and alert group. After the configuration is completed, click OK.

1. Instance Name: An instance name is used to identify an application service for which the instance is used, for example, Official homepage.

2. CNAME Access Type: Default value: Public Network.

3. Domain Name (Public Network): A domain name is used to access an application service. Make sure that you specify a valid service domain name.

4. CNAME Access Domain Name: A CNAME access domain name is used to access GTM. In the DNS settings, you can connect a domain name with a CNAME access domain name by using a CNAME record. If resource addresses include the addresses of data centers or other cloud service providers, select Custom Access Domain Name.

5. Global TTL: indicates the period for which an IP address that corresponds to a domain name can be cached on a DNS server.

6: Alert Group: An alert group is used to receive notifications if errors occur. You can configure an alert group in Cloud Monitor.

Notification Methods: You can specify custom alert event types and notification methods based on your business requirements.