The following tables list API operations available for use in Elastic Desktop Service (EDS).

Cloud desktops

API Description
CreateDesktops Creates one or more cloud desktops.
DescribeDesktops Queries the details of one or more cloud desktops.
DescribeDesktopTypes Queries the specification details of cloud desktops.
RebootDesktops Restarts one or more cloud desktops.
StartDesktops Starts one or more cloud desktops that are in the Stopped state.
StopDesktops Stops one or more cloud desktops that are in the Running state.
ModifyDesktopName Modifies the name of a cloud desktop.
RenewDesktops Renews one or more subscription cloud desktops.
DeleteDesktops Releases one or more cloud desktops.


API Description
CreateRAMDirectory Creates a RAM directory.
CreateADConnectorDirectory Creates an active directory (AD) directory.
ModifyADConnectorDirectory Modifies an AD directory.
DescribeDirectories Queries the details of directories.
DeleteDirectories Deletes one or more directories.


API Description
ListDirectoryUsers Queries the users of AD directories.
ModifyEntitlement Reassigns users to cloud desktops.


API Description
CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot for the system disk or data disk of a cloud desktop.
DescribeSnapshots Queries the details of a snapshot or all snapshots of a cloud disk.
ResetSnapshot Restores a disk from one of its snapshots.
DeleteSnapshot Deletes one or more snapshots.


API Description
CreatePolicyGroup Creates policies.
DescribePolicyGroups Queries the details of policies.
ModifyDesktopsPolicyGroup Changes the policies configured for cloud desktops.
ModifyPolicyGroup Changes policies.
DeletePolicyGroups Deletes one or more custom policies.


API Description
CreateImage Creates custom images.
DescribeImages Queries the details of images.
DeleteImages Deletes one or more custom images.

Desktop templates

API Description
CreateBundle Creates custom desktop templates.
DescribeBundles Queries the details of desktop templates.
DeleteBundles Deletes one or more custom desktop templates.


API Description
DescribeRegions Queries the regions where EDS is available.
DescribeZones Queries the zones where EDS is available in a region.


API Description
DescribeClientEvents Queries the operation logs of regular users.

Cloud Assistant

API Description
RunCommand Runs a PowerShell or bat command on one or more cloud desktops.
StopInvocation Stops a Cloud Assistant command that is running on one or more cloud desktops.
DescribeInvocations Queries the execution list and execution status of Cloud Assistant commands.


API Description
TagResources Creates tags and binds the tags to resources.
ListTagResources Queries the tags bound to a resource.
UntagResources Unbinds tags from a cloud desktop.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices

API Description
DescribeVirtualMFADevices Queries virtual MFA devices bound by AD users.
LockVirtualMFADevice Locks virtual MFA devices that are in the NORMAL state.
UnlockVirtualMFADevice Unlocks virtual MFA devices that are in the LOCKED state.
DeleteVirtualMFADevice Deletes virtual MFA devices.

Single sign-on (SSO) settings

API Description
SetDirectorySsoStatus Configures the SSO status of AD directories.
GetDirectorySsoStatus Queries the SSO status of AD directories.
GetSpMetadata Queries the metadata of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0-based service providers (SPs).
SetIdpMetadata Queries the metadata of SAML 2.0-based identity providers (IdPs).