You can use volumes created from Alibaba Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) in Kubernetes clusters.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud NAS can be attached to Kubernetes clusters as follows:
  • Static volumes
  • Dynamic volumes


You have created a NAS file system in the NAS console and added a mount point in the file system. The NAS file system and your cluster are deployed in the same VPC network. You can log on to the NAS console to create a NAS file system and a mount point.

For example, the mount point may be as follows:


  • Alibaba Cloud NAS is a shared storage service. One PVC can be shared among multiple Pods.
  • If you need to delete a NAS mount point, you must uninstall the NAS file system first. Otherwise, the operating system may hang up.
  • After a NAS mount point is created, you need to wait till the mount point is ready for use.
  • We recommend that you choose the v3 mount protocol.
  • We recommend that you upgrade CSI to the latest version before you start using NAS volumes.