CSI-Provisioner can automatically mount disks and Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) file systems as volumes and persistent volumes (PVs). This topic describes how to install CSI-Provisioner in a serverless Kubernetes (ASK) cluster.


Install CSI-Provisioner

You need to install CSI-Provisioner in the ASK cluster. If CSI-Provisioner is not installed, you can manually install it in the cluster. For more information, see alibaba-cloud-csi-driver.

Verify the installation

You can connect to a master node of the cluster to check whether CSI-Provisioner is installed. For more information, see Use kubectl to connect to an ACK cluster.

Run the following command to query the CSI-Provisioner pods. If the output shows that the pods are in the Running state, it indicates that CSI-Provisioner is installed.
kubectl get pod -n kube-system | grep csi-provisioner